Cast Wheels For LC

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Can anybody tell me which model cast wheels ,three spoke , would fit on my LC , and a set of upside downs wouldnt be a bad idea . Has anybody got a seat from the UK firm "Ragged Edge Racing" It looks great .
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I believe TZR125 4DL wheels would fit your LC. Those are 17" and you can run modern rubber on those rims.
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the rims of the TZR 125 4DL and als 4FL (4HW in UK) would fit into your swingarm without any modifications on the arm itself. Only new bushings and a possibility to fix the brake holder would be necessary as well as an offset sprocket.

For the front wheel use the USD fork of the 4DL with one spring or of the 4FL with 2 springs (in mu opinion the better one).

At all it will not be plug and play but its not a big deal to make it.

For pictures of that rims and that fork on a ypvs just send me a pn.

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