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Hi 2-stroke buddys,
for those, who are interested in an international 2-Stroke Meeting, this year at the german famous Nürburgring+Norschleife race track or in such in the future, ride a 2-stroke motorbike 400cc-750cc (street or race track) or already had such a baby and already havn't got an personal invitation from me:

Write a short answer until 30th of June 2006 to charly@rg500.info , I'll then send you an E-mail with additional information.

The limit 400-750ccm is because of to let the whole thing be handable for me, otherwise it would grow to big. But no question about it, if there are 2-stroke buddys with less cc I know personally, they would be also cordialy wellcome.

I wish you all a nice saison and every time a good ride!
Best regards
Carsten (Aachen - Germany)

You can't give more than you can. But never give up!

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